About Us

Agrilink promotion is # 1 leading National publisher of agricultural and industrial telephone directories. We are now officially working in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Ministry of Industry to provide the official agricultural and industrial directory of Ethiopia.

Currently we are preparing the new 2010/2018 edition of agricultural and industrial directory of Ethiopia which will be printed 50,000 copies in Hardcopy and CD-Rom in English and Amharic languages. The CD-Rom application easily interacts with our website and copy able. Furthermore our directory application is also available for both IOS and Android Mobiles. Our powerful web site www.agrilinket.com has more than 2 million clicks per month and it includes the full directory with 3 main categories. This website is developed in different international and local language as a special service for the companies that register with in this advanced directory. We also have an agreement with Google for google search engine to make company listed in our website to appear at the top of list of companies which are operating in Ethiopia, as well as Google map to indicate the physical location of the given company.

Our Phone directory Book & CD-ROM will be distributed through different country’s embassies & council offices, governmental & non-governmental institutions, different public service centers all over  Ethiopia and also through different Ethiopian embassies worldwide. This makes our service most accessible, efficient and preferable.

In Addition, we also facilitate several market Links & cooperation at different International Business symposiums, bazaars and commercial events. To promote the awareness of our service, Agrilink has distributed the CD-ROM in all parts of Addis Ababa and other regional towns. We are receiving encouraging testimonials responses. Additionally, our phone Directory plays its own significant role in Agriculture led Industrialization policy of the country.

We kindly request you to welcome our Sales Consultant in his/her profession to explain our creative, integrated and reliable advertisement packages of this edition. Our effort is to ensure that we will satisfy your company by providing the highest standard of quality and result oriented advertising service efficiently.

If you want to discuss further information about the directory packages, we would desire to hear from you.


Primarily being concerned for quality, informative and customer satisfying service provision envision becoming one of the leading and renowned publishers in the country.


Transforming our publishing products towards digital applications and through the use of our web-site, enable the availability of quality and up-to-date business information that enables the public and the business community receive and transmit information easily within the country and abroad and thereby contribute our share to the development of the economy of the county.


  • Providing dependable and consistent service
  • Committed towards incessant improvement
  • Consider Customer Satisfying Team Work
  • Being an equal opportunity employer consider the capacitating and the development of our employees.